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Situational judgement test: Leadership and attention-to-detail

Can you manage your own workload, stay organised under pressure, pay attention to detail and be relied on to complete each task accurately and completely?

Corporate law firms need trainees who can handle both the small and large parts of a task. Such individuals won’t overlook what needs to be done and can be depended on to do each task accurately and completely.

Proofreading is an example of where attention-to-detail is critical – this is especially important whether you are a medical writer, for example, or a legal draftsman. It’s well worth looking at “top tips” for how you can be a good proofreader, and bear in mind that legal recruiters will go through your application form “with a fine toothcomb” to look for any mistakes. A website providing useful tips is:



The following website page from the University of North Caroline offers an useful checklist about what might be included in ‘attention-to-detail’:


For example, the trainee solicitor:

  • Keeps a project checklist, covering all the details that might be overlooked.
  • Checks, and rechecks work for mistakes before sending out.
  • Follows procedures exactly to make sure all parts of a job are completed.
  • Compares finished work to what is expected.
  • Performs routine or repetitious tasks with care and attention.
  • Reviews work carefully for completeness and accuracy.
  • Makes sure equipment is working before it is needed in a project.

Legal recruiters are often looking for ‘future leaders’, although they do not give a coherent description of leadership qualities they are looking for. Here are some useful basic web resources which serve as an introduction on leadership:


Leadership styles





To take the LegalRecruit Situational Judgement Test on ‘Leadership and attention-to-detail’, please click here.

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