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Examples of practice online verbal reasoning test questions

In the article below, none of the exemplars have been written by or in collaboration with SHL Direct. Candidates are advised to look at their learning materials carefully. This article is only provided as helpful educational guidance.

In some verbal reasoning test, you are usually provided with a passage of information and required to evaluate a set of statements by selecting one of the following possible answers:

 A – True (The statement follows logically from the information or opinions contained in the passage)

B – False (The statement is logically false from the information or opinions contained in the passage)

C – Cannot Say (Cannot determine whether the statement is true or false without further information)


In the example below, you might give your answer to each question by clicking on either A, B or C. You will be told whether your answer is correct or not.

 Example passage:

Over 60 years ago, evolutionary biologist Bernhard Rensch calculated that males are typically the larger sex in big-bodied species such as humans, whereas females outdo them in small-bodied species such as spiders. Now it turns out that many plants obey Rensch’s rule too. Most plants produce both male and female sex organs, but around 7 percent are dioecious, meaning individuals are purely male or female. Recent results provide that female stems also must be large enough to display the fruit and support the animals that spread the pollen or seeds. If metabolism, predators or climate promote the evolution of smaller plants, however, males can shrink because their gametes are smaller.

Examples of questions might be: 

1. Over 80 years ago, Bernard Rensch calculated that males are typically the larger sex in big-bodied species.

CANNOT SAY – the passage says that Bernard Rensch calculated this over 60 years ago, but it is not possible to say from the passage whether he calculated this over 80 years ago.

 2. Around 7% of plants are dioecious, but it is not necessary for female stems to be large enough to display the fruit.

FALSE – whilst the first part of the statement is true according to the passage, the second part of the statement is clearly false, making the entire statement false

Here are example questions with a business theme.


Business schools and venture capital firms have long organised entrepreneur-in-residence programs, tapping seasoned founders for a year or two to mentor students or evaluate potential investments. Now U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services are launching what it calls its own “Entrepreneurs in residence” initiative, to bring business leaders and academics into the agency to meet regularly with officials to improve the visa process. The goal is to “capture the full power of the laws that currently exist to attract talent to spur entrepreneurial growth, to maximize innovation – all for the benefit of our economy and the American worker“, according to agency director Alejandro Mayorkas. Specifics on the push Mayorkas announced today are still being hammered out. Names of the participants and mechanics on how the in-person meetings will work have not been announced yet, though the organiser expects to do so in the next week or so.

Venture capital firms have only recently been involved in organising entrepreneur-in-residence programs.

FALSE. The passage states that venture capital firms have ‘long organised’ such programs.

Names of  the participants and information about how the in-person meetings will work will be announced within the next week.

CANNOT SAY. The passage provides that it is expected that this information will be provided within the next week, but it is not definitely the case that the information will be announced within the next week.


The number of so-called contingent workers has not been measured since 2005, when the Bureau of Labour Statistics last calculated the population. And now that the bureau has requested funding to resume the headcount, the Freelancers Union advocacy group is calling for changes in the way these workers are labeled and how their contribution to the U.S. economy is being measured. In a new policy paper, the Freelancers Union argues that the government is “ignoring a crucial, and growing, segment of the economy that is transforming the U.S. workforce.” The BLS’s ‘contingent work supplement’ was discontinued six years ago due to lack of funding. That year, contingent workers, which the BLS defines as labourers who consider their jobs temporary, made up about 4 percent of total employment.

‘Contingent workers’ are workers for work for an organisation on a non-permanent basis.

CANNOT SAY. This is in fact a valid definition of ‘contingent workers’, but this definition is not provided in the passage.

The BLS’ ‘contingent work supplement’ was discontinued a month ago due to lack of funding.

FALSE. This supplement was discontinued six years ago.


Small business owners are suffering from an economy hurt by reduced consumer
 spending and stagnant growth, according to a new survey by the National Small
 Business Association, a Washington, D.C., trade group. More than one-third say they aren’t confident about the future of their business from a financial perspective. Eighty-eight percent anticipate a recession or flat economy in the next year, an increase from 78 percent six months ago. Forty-five percent expect no growth opportunities in the coming year, up from 40 percent in December. Given the ongoing economic difficulties the U.S. has faced the past three years, small business owners overwhelmingly cited economic uncertainty as the most significant challenge to the future growth and survival of their business, according to the report.

Small business owners are suffering from lack of bank loans.

CANNOT SAY. Consumer spending and stagnant growth are cited as causes of hurt for small business owners, but one cannot exclude the possibility of small business owners suffering from lack of bank loans.

Six months ago 10 percent anticipated a recession or flat economy in the next year.

FALSE. Six months ago 78 percent anticipated a recession or flat economy in the next year.

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Legal Recruit has launched: a new resource for training contract applicants

LegalRecruit provides verbal reasoning and situational judgement practice assessments for the law students who are candidates for vacation schemes or training contracts in corporate law firms.

Useful links are given here:

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Factsheets and videos about online verbal reasoning tests

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LegalRecruit is an unique website for busy UK law students to practice online verbal reasoning tests in similar format to the present SHL verbal reasoning tests which are routinely used by corporate firms for recruitment and selection purposes.LegalRecruit is a perfect way for students to learn in a safe, inexpensive, enjoyable environment, for what can be regarded as an important hurdle in training contract and vacation scheme applications.

Applicants are advised to consult the Graduate Recruitment teams of their chosen law firms, and to liaise with them carefully regarding the format of the tests, and how any reasonable adjustments can be implemented (e.g. on grounds of dyslexia, or visual impairment).

Voluntary membership gives you unlimited access to over 500 verbal reasoning and situational judgement questions. You’ll get full explanations to the questions in the form of reports which you can access any time. All scores are also given a normative-reference score, so that you can see where you would be in relation to a graduate-level population. Each test is individually compiled for you in a special way, but always so that you will receive questions from 15 different subject areas. We score the percentiles in “live time”, so that your score is always compared  to the reference population of the total number of people who have taken the Legal Recruit trial test at that particular time.

Legal Recruit is a privately-run entirely independent student venture that is not affiliated to any particular organisations or individuals. The use of this website is entirely at the choice of all users; we aim to provide replies to the email within 48 hours. Please do email us with suggestions how to make this platform better.



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