Situational judgement test: Teamwork

Do you have the confidence to collaborate, seek feedback, share ideas and build credibility through your interaction other people?

An excellent overview of the relevance of teamwork to legal reruitment, and beyod, is given on the page: Candidates with good teamwork skills are able to see the bigger picture and grasp the concept that employers value the outcome achieved by a group, more than that achieved by any one person.

You might like to look into certain areas such as:

1. Conflict resolution


2. Maximising your contribution (see in particular ‘Belbin’s team roles)

3. Using ‘small wins’ to motivate other members of your team

4. Managing in India

There is a well-known model of working in groups, which you may be interested in:

Often quoted, Bruce Tuckman’s classic description of the stages of group development is easy to understand and remember, but it helps to go back and look at what’s behind each stage. Tuckman is a respected educational psychologist who first described the (then) four stages of group development in 1965, soon after leaving Princeton.  Looking at the behaviour of small groups in a variety of environments, he recognised the distinct phases they progress through, and suggested they need to experience all four stages before they achieve maximum effectiveness.

The importance of “teamwork” to law firms is described in a very elegant article by Bob Bookman entitled “Teamwork: Outlawing the Lone Ranger Partner”,

Teamwork is a good mechanism for sharing the workload. Luckily, for the corporate world, most humans gravitate towards team work; they prefer sharing the workload ( ). Humans have discovered, since the earliest of days that many hands make for a much lighter load.  An excellent analysis of why teamwork is otherwise important is given in this article,

Teamwork also constitute an important part of competence interviews later in the assessment process:


To take the LegalRecruit Situational Judgement Test on teamwork, please click here.

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